Differentiated by 6 specialized categories

  1. Specialized in the new type of insurance such as B.B.B, B.I, D&O, E&O, professional liability.

  2. Specialized in liability/crops disaster/injure claims

  3. Specialized in investigation on intentional insurance accident

  4. Specialized in investigation of construction, instrument, constructing and heavy equipment accidents.

  5. Specialized and systematize in property insurance claims

  6. Specialized in court`s order, disaster accident, and others insurance accidents
        -Built manpower through the specialist
        -Supply suitable services to needs (promptitude, accuracy, kindness, protect civil appeal)
        -Developed the high-level quality task through specialized institutes
        -Co-operated with abroad for actuary and claim adjustments.



2017. 06

2016. 06

2015. 10

2012. 12

2012. 09

2012. 06

2012. 06

2012. 01

2011. 11

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2010. 01

2006. 05

2004. 11

Awarded an honor in the moral survey report contest by Dongbu fire and marine Co., Ltd.

2004. 10

Received an appreciation plaque from the LG fire and marine Co., Ltd.as protecting the insurance payment to the wrong place and contributing

2003. 10

Received a letter of commendation related to moral accident by Ssangyong fire and marine Co., Ltd.(Daigu-City, Kyeseong Mart, Loss amount : 3,700,000,000)

2003. 01

Selected as the best cooperation company by Samsung fire and marine Co., Ltd

2002. 10

Selected as a excellent co-operation company from Shindonga fire and Marine insurance Co., Ltd.

2000. 12

Selected as the best co-operation company after survey report contest from Samsung fire and marine insurance Co., Ltd.

1996. 11

Selected as the best co-operation company after kindness service campaign(3-call) from Samsung fire and marine insurance Co., Ltd.

1993. 12

Selected as an excellent company related moral accidents.



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